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“No apologies… brash and beautiful.”
-Kai-Yao Lan, Seattle Music News 1/26/16


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Don’t miss your chance to play on the site no deposit free spins . You will be satisfied! “The Ramblin’ Years brought a set of high-powered Americana bathed in traditional rock and roll and country elements to a noticeably more packed Neumos. With a saxophone and synth likely set to “70’s FM radio hit” at their disposal, they were flat-out Springsteenian in their aesthetic and impact… I was really surprised and impressed. While The Ramblin’ Years were the most musically traditional of the bands I saw, they somehow felt the biggest and least local.” 
– Jon Rooney, The Monarch Review on Capitol Hill Block Party 2016


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“If there’s one thing about The Ramblin’ Years that should go unquestioned, it’s that their great big sound is always on point, their attitude always ready to party, and their crowd, always on board.”
– Stephanie Dore, Seattle Music News, 4/9/16


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“The Ramblin’ Years had a full house of fans in party mode for their set at Ballard’s Tractor Tavern… TRY’s eclectic sound – the product of a collaborative group with endless influences – is infectious. Their vocal harmonies are difficult to not sing along with and their upbeat energy never fails to ignite the crowd… The drawling groove and fireball wails of their tracks swing from honky-tonk to jazz club with ease. At the end of their set, the crowd is talking, “They were great. A lot of great sounds, rocking, harmonic, country, roots.” And it’s true. TRY can rock with the best of them.” 
– Stephanie Dore, Seattle Music News, 4/26/16


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“‘Eclectic’ doesn’t even begin to cover the self-titled debut from The Ramblin Years. Before the nine-track album is finished, the local quintet bounces from country-tinged rock to folk to hip-hop and back. Album opener “Hold On to You” seems like a straightforward country tune until Daniel Dunn comes through with a jazz club-worthy saxophone solo.”
– Seattle Weekly, 2015


“The Ramblin’ Years new EP ‘Nickels and Dimes’ is a refreshing sound of Americana goodness for the soul. Beautiful melodies and harmonies allow their songs to soar into your heart, get your feet tapping and you can’t help but sing along. I know you’ll enjoy it. I sure do!”
– NWCZ Tacoma


“The Ramblin’ Years sound pure and full of life… Great songwriting, and very lovely vocal harmonies. The eclectic sound of The Ramblin’ Years will at times make you feel free from genre… keeps you excited to hear what comes next. The infectious hooks and sax melodies will stay with you. It only takes one listen to find yourself singing along.” 
– Adrian VanBatenburg, of Ganges River Band


“Seattle needs more honest bands like The Ramblin’ Years.”
– Mark Naron, Fastback Studios

The Ramblin' Years

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Riding the momentum of Nickels & Dimes, The Ramblin’ Years completed a West coast tour in the Spring of 2015 and played music festivals such as Northwest Folklife, Seattle Acoustic Fest, and Macefield Music Festival. They continued selling out Seattle venues alongside bands such as Vaudeville Etiquette, The Swearengens, and Lonely Mountain Lovers.

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