Nickels & Dimes

May 2016
3 Songs

Sean Clavere - lead guitar, vocals
Katie Sweeney - vocals, guitar
Daniel Dunn - saxophone, vocals, percussion
Daniel Dovinh - drums
Mitch Edwards - bass 
Bill Nordwall - B3


Producer: Jason Lackie
Recorded & Mixed by Jason Lackie at Fastback Studios, Seattle, WA
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering

Album Art

Photography: Olli Tumelius
Graphic Design: Caleb Hou

Tractor Tavern
March 21, 2015

This was our very first studio experience, and it was a magical one. This was the album when we first met Bill Nordwall! Jason called him up to lay some B3 on One Eye Open.  We were all sitting in the control room as he recorded his first pass, exchanging wide-eyed stares with each other with our mouths hanging open. We were in the presence of a pro.  At the end of the song, as the last note of the B3 hung in the air, we erupted into cheers. It must've sounded hilarious when Jason hit the talk-back button and Bill could suddenly hear us all whooping and hollering like a bunch of rowdy bar rats. And we've held on to Bill ever since.